Canadian Model of Occupational Performance

The Canadian Model of Occupational Performance (CMOP) has also generated a wealth of research to support its design. The core of this model is spirituality, which is defined broadly as anything chat motivates or inspires a person. Peoson, environment. (which includes institutions), and occupations are the other parts of the model. This model emphasizes client-centered care, which refers to understanding the client’s desires and wishes for intervention and outcome. Getting to know the client is crucial to this model. The Canadian Occupational Performance Measure is a semistructured interview based on this model and provides practitioners with a tool to organize their thoughts.

Case Application

Raven is a 55-year-old woman who was hospitalized with a brain aneurysm, which affected her speech , right-sided movement, and cognitive abilities. Raven is unable to remain standing for long periods of time, and she needs frequent breaks during seated activities. Raven experiences difficulty with memory and poor concentration.

The occupational therapist meets with Raven on her first day on the rehabilitation unit. The following comparison describes the type of information she will collect about Raven from each model of practice.


Raven attends church on Wednesday nights and Sundays. She is active in her church and enjoys the family camaraderie of the church. Raven sings in the choir and defines herself as a devoted Christian. 


Raven is a 55-year-old married woman who suffered an aneurysm and is in a rehabilitation hospital. She is unable to use her right side, slurs her speech, and shows poor memory and concentration. 


Raven works for the institution of a grocery chain. As such, she must follow institutional policy and procedures. She has medical insurance. She also follows the church ' s institutional policies. 


Raven enjoys spending time with family; she is active in the church and a member of the choir. Raven works at a local grocery store. She attends her grandchildren's school events when possible.